Waste Disposal: Your partner under all circumstances

When it comes to waste disposal, WSA is your competent partner for all seasons, and for all reasons.Years of experience and the best of employee training guarantee maximum quality in the process of disposal of your problematic substances.

Here are copies of our permits for waste disposal:

Wherever work is done, waste is generated.

Ten years after the plastic boom in the 60s, it already became obvious that not all waste can be incinerated or compacted. Protection of nature had to be given serious consideration. Over the following 30 years, environmental consciousness heightened in our society and hence the market for companies like ours also expanded. More and more laws and even stricter regulations drive the cost of waste disposal to very high levels. One has to be very creative to understand what the problems are really made up of.

One really has to know one's business inside out and upside down. Cleaner ideas for your waste. We know all of them.

Waste management is not everyone's cup of tea, because in our line of business one needs extensive knowledge and lots of nerve. This means that one learns something new daily, in the truest sense of the word and works with something which nobody else wants to have anything to do with. The biggest thrill for us comes when we are able to handle the problems of our partners and customers with real competence.

We always give it all we've got, and so to speak, scrape the bottom of the barrel.

We create a separation approach internally for each client and decide on how we recycle the waste.  This is done jointly with the client if requested. If we recycle electronic waste from municipalities or distil the hazardous chemical wastes which emanate from a paint factory it often happens that we supply the recycled raw material back to the factory concerned. Or create a new raw material from it. In any case, you still get rid of the waste!

Non-hazardous waste

Nothing is too small for us, and nothing is too big either, because with our roll-off containers with capacities of up to 50 cubic meters our capability is three times that of anyone else in Austria. And we dispose of and separate almost anything that you want to get rid of. From simple household waste to disposal of complicated industrial waste. In our officially approved intermediate warehouse sorting can even be done manually if necessary.

Hazardous waste

Our speciality can easily be recognized immediately upon first glance at our equipment.  As soon as our two-chamber vacuum suction tank with a capacity of 30,000 litres rolls out, it becomes immediately obvious that it does not contain soup! We also provide you with optimal containers for solids or medical waste, both for intermediate storage and Transportation. We also provide consultancy and support services proper separation and identification on-site. In case of particularly sensitive issues we will also be pleased to help you with the preparation of all the paperwork.

Environmental rejuvenation

Some problems occur literally overnight. The reason for an environmentally alarming situation could be an overturned HAZMAT truck on your property, or a technical fault in your operation. In such circumstances we must act quickly to get the catastrophe under control. All you need to do is to call us, to clean things up...

Sewage management

In addition to our core business, we independently operate several plants, such as process water purification in some chemical factories. Sometimes outsourcing to an external specialist yields better returns than expected. A vast storehouse of ideas and experience, and many long-standing business relationships are our best arguments in this respect.


Our work begins where our consultancy services end. If your business and your waste disposal situation require flexibility, you can also our professionals to find and implement a clean solution for your problems. You can count on our professionals, and not just because it pays!