Charity Event Hofkirchen 2017

We are very proud being one of the main sponsors of the charity event in Hofkirchen, which supports Styrian families who are in need of help.


Charity Event Hofkirchen 2016

We are very proud being one of the main sponsors of the charity event in Hofkirchen, which supports Styrian families who are in need of help. This year, the sum amounted to 32.069 euros, which is really outstandig.


Renè Genser - World Champion 2016

Congratulations to Renè Genser for his great achievements in 2016:

- January 2016: winner national cup in Stanz

- March 2016: world champion (single and team competition)

Charity Event "Hofkirchen" 2015

Help for people in our region Styria – that’s something we love to support!

Thanks to the help of many visitors, sponsors and teams the charity event of the football team Hofkirchen was able to donate more than 20.000 Euros.



The International Tour of Austria 2015

The team of WSA-Grennlife has achieved some great success: Third best national team at the Vienna team time trial; Florian Bissinger was top-ten in Bregenz and has reached the 30rd place in the overall ranking. Despite some bad weather it was a really nice, interesting and exciting Tour of Austria 2015 with an Austrian winner team. Congratulations to „Team Vorarlberg“! See you 2016 …

1270 km trough atacama desert! Congratulations!

The non-stop crossing of the Atacama Desert is done. In 79 hours Manfred plaster crossed in March 2015 from Arica to Copiapo the entire desert in Chile. 1270 km with about 10,000 vertical meters required the athletes from everything.


General Sponsorship Project Support

  • Apfelland Triathlon Stubenberg (2009)
  • Football-Sponsorship Bluesfieber Tournament Dienersdorf (2009)
  • TSV Hartberg Juniors (2009)
  • Project Support Climb "Killi" - Kilimanjaro (2008) – Gernot Turnowsky
  • SV Buch-St. Magdalena (2013)
  • SV Gralla (2012)
  • Union Südstadt National Championships (2010 + 2011 + 2012 + 2013)
  • Table tennis Donati Open Gratkorn (2013)
  • World Cycling Week Hartberg (2013)
  • 24 hours Wörschach Benefit Ride (2001 + 2002) in aid of the
  • Children's Cancer Aid Organization, Styria.
  • Special Olympics
  • Ebersdorf Sports Association (ESV) Wagenbach (2010 + 2013)
  • School Sports Assistance  Polytechnic School Hartberg (2004)
  • CPR Köflach (2005)
  • CPR Hartberg (2012)
  • HBL - Department of tourism (2013)
  • HTL Pinkafeld (2012)
  • Academic High School  - Graz (2013)
  • FF Hartberg
  • Project "Drug Addiction Dependency" (2006)
  • Green Cross Rescue Service Pöllau (2009-2013)
  • Family Hiking Day Ebersdorf (2013)
  • Hand in Hand Charity Gala (2012)
    Fundraising event for the Child Protection Centre "Save the Child" Weiz/Hartberg
  • Child Protection Centre Graz (2007)
  • Styrian Children's Cancer Aid Organization (2004 + 2005 + 2006 + 2012)
  • Red Nose Run - Clowndoctors (2009)
  • "Austria helps Africa - Africa helps Austria" (2013 + 2014)
  • Children and youth residential group WGKI-JU (2012)
  • MOMO - Vienna's mobile children's Hospice (2013)
  • "Austria helps Africa"  Association (2011)
  • Financial support for ecologically innovative environmental projects in the region
  • HUMUS - "the forgotten climatic goldmine *"
  • Charity Derby "We're there  for you"

We were recently also able to surprise Mr Manuel Mayer with a new electric wheelchair at a charity Derby "We're there for you" in Hofkirchen. A week later, thousands of visitors made it possible for us to present an additional cheque with the proceeds of the charity football match.

At the presentation event the skydiver in Bad Mitterndorf, jumped from an altitude of 2500m holding the cheque for Manuel in his hand, and then even the helicopter landed on the football field.  This was a perfect and heart-warming surprise for all those present at the event;



Benefits for employees

  • Birthday presents
  • Christmas gifts
  • A company outing and a Christmas party are held annually
  • Options of free higher education and advanced training

Sports Sponsoships

  • Andreas Fuchs (triathlon)
  • Sebastian Gaugl (road bike and mountain bike racing)
  • Yvonne Gratzer (road bike and mountain bike racing)
  • Rene Genser (Open competition for  Ice and ice-hockey athletes)
  • Manfred Heiling (road bike and mountain bike racing)
  • Wolfgang Kampl (road bike and mountain bike racing)
  • Marcus Preiss (road bike and mountain bike racing)
  • Gernot Pinkl (Tennis Tournament)
  • WSA Ultracycling Graz

Congratulations René Genser!

EUROPEAN MASTER Teamcompetition 2015

EUROPEAN MASTER Singlecompetition 2015


Sponsoring the Kaindorf Eco-region 24-hour biking

The eco-region Kaindorf holds the "24-hour biking for climate protection" every year on the first holiday weekend (Friday / Saturday) of the summer holidays Styria, in the eco-region of Kaindorf.

The objectives of the 24-hour biking event is to focus public attention on the issue of climate change and to bring the bicycle back into the public consciousness as a meaningful everyday alternative for short trips. At the same time, it provides an occasion for all sports enthusiasts and everyday drivers, as well as for companies, clubs and families to experience an unforgettable team event.

The climate-protection bicycle race plays host to up to 1,200 enthusiastic starters each year. The entire net proceeds will be used exclusively for climate protection measures. The WSA - Waste Service GmbH is proud to be able to act as the main sponsor of this race every year.

At this point we would like to offer our sincere thanks on behalf of WSA to all the cyclists who year after year ride to the starting flag.

Winning a iPhone 6

We congratulate!

Charity derby 2014!

"We're there for you"