Services and Features

An overview of services offered by Waste Service GmbH

As our name suggests, we operate throughout Austria, and on request even beyond its borders. Our service profile is very comprehensive and we always deliver complete service packages. If you have any special requests which are not listed, please get in touch with us regardless, since we find effective solutions for each and every problem.

  • Waste management consulting
  • Waste declarations
  • Assistance with the concerned authorities
  • Laboratory analyses,
  • Municipal and community services
  • Industrial waste disposal
  • Disposal of hazardous waste
  • Liquids (spent oils, solvents,...)
  • Pastes (paints and paint sludge,...)
  • Solid waste (workshop waste,...)
  • Disposal of non-hazardous waste
  • Organic waste, paper, wood, glass,
  • Plastics, etc.
  • Packaging licensed or un-licensed
  • On-site service
  • Container rental
  • Provision of all types of containers
  • Interim storage,
  • Recycling of electronic waste
  • Staff outsourcing
  • Industrial restructuring
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Special transportation

 The hotline to the waste management professionals: 03332/66368


Outsourcing: Higher efficiency, lower costs

Re-focus your energy and efficiency on your core business. Outsourcing to an external specialist usually yields better returns than expected. Outsourcing enables us to offer companies various individual waste management services and complete solutions on demand.

We have everything necessary to do so: comprehensive specialist knowledge, a wealth of experience and unlimited resourcefulness. And thus we create individual, tailor-made solutions which integrate easily for each of our customers.

  • Lower costs
  • Transparent costs
  • Lower risks
  • Process optimization

Operator Model Sewage Treatment Plants

It often pays for industries and municipalities to deploy specialists for waste water disposal. Due to our long years of experience in waste water management, we are in a position to offer commercially optimal solutions to our customers – individual, tailor-made and adapted to your needs. We take care of your treatment plants based on the operator model, such as, for example M/s. BARA Stainach im Ennstal.

  • Calculable costs over the long term
  • Environment friendly solutions
  • Sustainability

Separation / de-watering

The drainage system patented by us is used for solid liquid separation for example, the separation of suspensions (paint / oil and water mixtures). Thus, on the one hand you can separate waste from recyclables, and on the other hand, you can optimize the transport costs.

  • We have many examples of fields of application

Recovery of valuable substances

Reducing the amount of waste and recovering recyclables in the process. This is one of our specialties. If we recycle electronic waste from municipalities or distil the hazardous chemical wastes which emanate from a paint factory it often happens that we supply the recycled raw material back to the factory concerned.

Using chemical and physical processes, we recover metals and other valuable materials from waste. For example, we separate copper from sludge for leading copper-processing industries. Important raw materials can be reused in this way and thus remain in circulation.

We are committed to this sustainable use of resources, because it makes ecological and commercial sense.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste poses a threat to mankind and the environment. That's why our service begins where these tricky substances occur. We offer on-site consultancy services, analyse the prevailing situation and create a customized waste management plan.

  • Separation and identification
  • Labelling

We collect the hazardous substances at the source and assist with proper separation and identification. We also provide you with the ideal containers for interim storage and transport. We assist in the preparation of all documents and transport the waste with special vehicles to our officially licensed intermediate storage facilities.

Transportation of hazardous goods

In the business of transportation of hazardous goods, know-how is the key to success. The rules and regulations concerning transport of hazardous goods on public roads are simply too comprehensive. We know the ins and outs. whether in matters of packing, cargo securing and handling, marking or transportation. And with our special vehicles, officially approved intermediate storage facilities, our disposal specialists, we also have the entire range of facilities required.

  • Organisation and Administration
  • Marking and labelling
  • Documentation and paperwork
  • We transport hazardous goods ourselves, with our own vehicles. No exception