Pre-treatment of waste water: Separator

* Up to 70 percent less COD *

The separator is a system for mechanical solid-liquid separation. The majority of turbid and solid material is removed by an ingenious combination of fluid dynamics, turbulence and gravitational forces without expenditure of energy. The Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) can be reduced by up to 70 percent by this system. The actual pre-treatment process functions without any additional consumption of energy or chemicals

Lower energy consumption in rejuvenation

On an average, one third of the total costs of a wastewater treatment plant are incurred in the so-called rejuvenation process. Less oxygen is required for aeration of the bacteria during the biological treatment phase. This consumes less energy and thus reduces the operating costs of the plant.

Increased Capacity without structural additions

In case of overloaded sewage treatment plants, pre-cleaning with the separator system saves expensive expansion of the plant and structural additions such as sedimentation tanks which are expensive in terms of both costs and space. If a sewage treatment plant is being newly built, its dimensions can be relatively lower. © Greenlife

The benefits:

  • Efficient solid-liquid separation
  • Up to 70% less COD
  • Lower energy consumption in rejuvenation (aeration)
  • Lower operating costs