Humus formation

HUMUS - "The forgotten climatic goldmine"

Agriculture causes about 17 to 32 percent of the greenhouse gases globally, i.e. nearly one-third of the total emissions and there are hardly any strategies against these emissions.

On the other hand there known Amazonian agricultural techniques, which could lead to large tracts of extremely humus-rich soil (Terra Preta) and humus can bind large quantities of CO².

Current status:

  • No CO² bonding in the cultivated acreage
  • 30 earthworms per m²
  • Water retention was not demonstrated due to different soil structures


Objective of the project of the eco-region:

  •  CO² bonding of up to 50 tonnes per hectare per year
  • 600 earthworms per m²
  • Additional water retention of 1000 m³/ha by means of targeted formation of humus

(All mudslides could thus be prevented)



Kaindorf eco-region