Greenlife Resources GmbH

Sewage treatment technology of the future

Greenlife's innovative process is supported by the EU under the project name "Eco-bis".
The main reason is that the Greenlife-process provides a green solution for waste-water treatment and sewage disposal.
Enhanced efficiency while simultaneously reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.



Sewage sludge becomes fertilizer.

Conventional methods of sewage treatment plants focus primarily on the purification of sewage. Nutrients such as carbon and nitrogen are converted into CO² and N² at great cost in terms of energy, and are released unutilized into the atmosphere. The sole objective is the smallest possible quantity of sludge, which can then be disposed of as economically as possible over tracts of agricultural land. This practice is ecologically highly questionable due to the hygienic and organic pollution of the soil.

Greenlife has found a way to make the valuable nutrients in sewage usable as high quality fertilizer for agriculture. At the same time, this completely new method consumes significantly less energy for water purification. In just three steps waste water is first converted to sewage sludge and from the de-watered and pre-dried sludge, a high-quality fertilizer is then created. Every tonne of this bio char contains 300 kg of phosphorus and 100 kg of carbon. Organic pollutants and hygienic impurities are entirely eliminated during the pyrolysis process at 800 degrees Celsius.

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