About Us

Are you looking for a waste disposal solution?

We already have one for you. And if we don't, then we'll find one.

Efficient and cost effective waste management - Not everyone's forte! Merely collecting waste and hauling it away?  That's history! For a long time now, waste disposal has evolved into a complex and complicated branch of industry.

Individual solutions, custom-tailored and customer friendly.

Anyone who has ever struggled through the waste management act with all its paragraphs and sub-sections, definitely knows that:

Extensive application know-how and a wealth of experience are absolutely essential in this field.

What you get additionally at WSA is an enormous amount of resourcefulness and a close relationship with our customers. Our strengths are our technical consultancy services to our customers, and our on-site expertise.

We put together individual, tailor-made solutions for our customers which integrate easily into their existing operations. And it is exactly this fact that sets us apart.

Company policy

The company policy of WSA - waste service GmbH is based on compliance with the environmental and quality management systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EMAS. Together with the requirements for a specialist waste disposal company these requirements represent the basis of our integrated management system.

For us, the management policy is a framework for the determination of goals and vision, which will enable us to respond in a commercially viable manner, to the environmental and quality requirements of our customers and our environment.

We would like our assignments and activities to function as a link between ecology and the economy, so as to highlight on the one hand, the importance of environmental protection and on the other hand, the commercial benefits which are possible by means of proper and environmentally friendly waste disposal.

We perceive our mission as a contribution to sustainable materials management and will continue to face the challenges presented by the growing demands of the waste management sector.

Guided by our slogan "Today's waste is tomorrow's raw material!" we are at your service as competent and reliable partners for all questions and solutions concerning waste disposal for our customers, who also get involved in our processes in order to achieve continuous development. In order to achieve this improvement in our environmental impact, these processes too are identified, evaluated and measures for further reduction of waste are worked out. In this process, compliance with all legislation relevant to the environment represents the minimum responsibility that we would like to assume.

We provide our employees with a high-quality, environmentally conscious and social climate so as to ensure their active participation, awareness of responsibility and thereby a high level of satisfaction among both employees and customers.

The management policy, targets and the system are laid down in the strategic plan and their implementation, suitability and regular updating are monitored on an on-going basis in our efforts at continuous improvement.

Our employees are encouraged to adopt this company policy and by publishing it in our environmental policy we would like to give all interested parties our commitment to live by this policy as a company and to implement it.